Too many stories get trapped in our minds, backlogged with a thousand little details. "Should I buy or rent a camera? Which one? When do I start shooting? When do I stop?" In reality, there are only a handful of truly essential questions. When you focus on these, the details will fall into place.

Our Methodology

How Story Works

The word "story" has become somewhat of a catch-phrase the past few years. But what does it actually mean? How does it work? Story is not just a label that you can place on any film or idea. It's a specific narrative strategy, a conscious arrangement of information in order to generate empathy and create an emotional journey. When done right, it inspires, motivates and yes, entertains.

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Saturday & Sunday, November 15 & 16

Visual Grammar Basics

Whether shooting their own images or working with a camera operator, great documentary directors are superb visual storytellers. They know how to infuse their stories with an additional layer of meaning that’s only possible by mastering the intricacies of visual communication. Through theory, visual examples and hands-on exercises in storyboarding and blocking, students will learn to visualize, communicate and effectively put into practice all the rules of visual grammar.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday & Sunday, November 22 & 23

Interested in Our 16-Week Course?

In The Director's Journey, we take you, step by step, through the directing process, helping you apply skill to instinct as you develop your own idea into a short film. (Limited to 10 participants.)

Who are these courses for?

Our participants range from journalists and animators to advertisers, social innovators, photographers, teachers and bankers. The thing that unites us all is a drive to not just be passive observers, but active storytellers.

If you're looking for a broad, theoretical overview of the filmmaking process, our courses may not be for you. However, if you're a doer who is ready to dive head first, we promise to equip you with the essential skills you need to overcome the details and get started now.

The Doc Story Studio

Nonfiction storytelling. That’s what we’re all about. Producing, promoting and teaching the meticulous craft of non-fiction storytelling.

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