Intro to audio storytelling

Create your first sound-rich documentary.


Audio storytelling is experiencing a golden age right now with the popularity of shows like This American Life, Radiolab, and 99% Invisible. Expertly produced radio documentaries activate our imaginations, convey heartfelt emotion, and lead to “driveway moments” where we just can’t tear ourselves away.

Through classroom instruction and hands-on homework assignments, this workshop will lead participants through the production of a 4-minute documentary style audio story. We’ll cover audio gathering, interviewing, editing, writing for radio, and story structure. This course provides the perfect introduction for anyone interested in audio documentary production, whether you have experience in another medium or you’re brand new to non-fiction storytelling.


1. Learn the components, structure, and workflow of a documentary style radio story.
2. Gain insights into tape gathering and interviewing best practices.
3. Introduction to multi-track digital audio production in Hindenburg Journalist.
4. Apply basics of radio writing and story structure.
5. Produce your first 4-minute documentary style radio story.


This is an introductory course targeted at those with an interest in audio storytelling, but limited (or no) experience in the technical and artistic aspects of production. Participants may or may not have experience telling stories in another medium such as film or print.


2.Portable recorder with ability to monitor sound + view and adjust levels
OR: iPhone with Tascam PCM Recorder app installed (Free)
3. Windows or Mac laptop with Hindenburg Journalist installed ($99, but free 30-day trial available)

Optional additional equipment:

External microphone for recorder or iPhone microphone accessory


Wednesdays, February 5 – 26
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Centre for Social Innovation 

215 Spadina Ave.
Downtown Toronto

JP Davidson
Sean Rasmussen 

$150 + HST
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Canadian Sound and Story The Canadian Sound & Story Workshop is a community for independent podcast, radio, and multimedia producers. It serves as a venue to share ideas, technical know-how, employment opportunities, and creative storytelling techniques. Simply put, it helps to connect those of us who realize the power of sound, and love telling great stories. All this is achieved through a Facebook group, online resources, a podcast, and hands-on workshops like this one.

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