While most introductory courses offer a shallow overview of the entire filmmaking process, we dive deep into the creative process - demystifying it and making it accessible now.


Imagine what it would be like to live for one day inside a master director’s mind… how they strategize narrative approaches, visualize the finished film and deal with the uncertainty of a constantly evolving story. We offer a deep holistic understanding of how reality - overwhelming, and disorganized - can be systematically shaped into a focused, digestible and engaging film. With this foundation, you'll be able to confidently take your first steps from observer to director.

What you'll learn

1. The 3 guiding principles that fuel the entire doc directing process.

2. Introduction to the doc narrative triangle - your three main narrative structures (portrait, story-driven and essay) and the ways in which directors blend them.

3. Hands-on: Together we recreate the process of witnessing an event and taking it through a step-by-step process of narrowing down the endless narrative and visual possibilities to one coherent documentary concept that's ready for production.


At the end of the course, students will have a working knowledge of the different ways of conceiving a story, crafting it and shaping it. They will understand the directing techniques that make the difference between a simple video and a compelling, thoughtful and possibly award-winning documentary. Learn about our methodology.

Limited to 10 students.

Date & Location

Saturday, November 1
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Centre for Social Innovation
720 Bathurst St., Downtown TO


Juan Baquero


$149 + HST


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